20 December 2023

Documentary: Investigação Europa - Mine Games

Investigate Europe
Investigate Europe
Investigate Europe is launching a ten-episode series of investigative documentaries. Mine Games, which explores green mining ambitions in Europe, is out now.
From smartphones and solar panels to electric cars, critical raw materials are present in an array of infrastructure and everyday objects. To counter the dominance of China and meet increasingly higher domestic demands, the European Union is reviving mining plans across the bloc.

The documentary depicts the complexity of a potential new European mining strategy, exposes the backstage deals and interests at stake while also giving voice to local communities affected by mining, from Portugal to northern Sweden. 

Mine Games is the first episode of Investigação Europa (Investigate Europe in Portuguese), a ten-part series from a new partnership with Portuguese public broadcaster RTP - Radio e Televisão de Portugal. The following films will be released in the coming months.

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